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Sircula is an online-based application which is helping organisations to maximise employee development on a user friendly and efficient platform.

In most organisation sectors, especially in medium and entry-level positions, there are a large number of employees that do not have an up-to-date and signed job description. This is a result of various challenges, including the continuous need to update and sign changes as well as the availability of employers and/or employees. Once signed job descriptions are in place, it is essential that employers conduct a skills assessment of each employee to determine their ability to perform his or her allocated duties. Consequently, establishing the foundation of any organisation’s Personal Development Program and ensuring that it is getting the most out of its workforce, and ultimately improve productivity and increase profit.

Performance Assessments for each employee should be conducted every 3-6 months in order to recognise and reward good performance, as well as address poor performance among employees when required. Accurate data that is collected and recorded for each employee will then provide the foundation for valuable feedback. As a result, employee feedback forms a critical part of any successful organisation because those who receive recognition for good performance are generally motivated to continue producing strong results. We understand that effective Employee Development Management will set an organisation apart from competitors. Consequently, the Sircula Application will help do this on an easy-to-use and organised online platform.


How does the Sircula application combine the following concepts
to work together in an organisation to improve productivity and increase profit?

Online Job Descriptions can easily be drafted, signed, stored, and printed if necessary. All information is available on the Sircula platform, and the online job descriptions will be immediately available to employees and employers on a device of their choice, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Job Descriptions display on Laptop

Online Skills Assessments help the employer determine the skill levels of each employee by allocating a rating of not yet competent (skills), not yet competent (attitude), competent, and excel. Determining the level on which an employee performs a certain skill, will allow an employer to implement and monitor a training and development plan for each employee, and consequently, for the whole organisation. 


The online skills assessment data will be immediately available online and will only be accessible by authorised personnel.

Skills Assessment display on Ipad

Online Performance Assessments are executed and measured using either 3, 5, or 7 performance levels. The Performance Assessment’s information will be available for immediate viewing online and will provide a detailed summary of each employee’s performance. The assessment will also assist in identifying personalised training and development opportunities for each employee.

Performance Assessment display on Ipad

Online Work-Based Communication provides a platform for an organisation to keep accurate records of communication between employees. This includes a function to assign tasks or problems, as well as upload completed work and documentation for each assigned. A detailed log is kept and is easily accessed online whenever required.

Work-Based-Communication on Ipad

The Sircula reporting function will firstly allow organisations to summarise various assessments for individual employees and the organisation. Secondly, it will collect and store information for the Annual Training Report and Workplace Skills Plan.

Online Reports display on Laptop


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  • Description of terms used in the Sircula application. Skills Assessments are generally conducted once at the beginning of the year and are used to structure individual development plans. The training ...

  • The above results apply to 80-85% of employees. These employees generally do not have an up-to-date job description. Formal skills and performance assessments are not conducted, and employers neglect th...

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