Sircula Dictionary

Description of terms used in the Sircula application

There are four employee levels defined within Sircula.
These are, in order of superiority, 
Manager, Junior Manager, Supervisor, and Worker.

  • A senior employee is a person in the organisation who has any number of employees reporting to him or her.
  • A junior employee is any person who reports to an employee on a higher level within the organisation.

Job descriptions consist of a description or name of the job & link several duties to each specific job.

The application describes duties in the following way: (VERB) followed by (NOUN).
For example: ‘(Wash) (the car)’ or ‘(Distribute) (minutes of the meetings)’

Assign a duty criterion for each duty in the application to assist with the assessment of the duty.
An example is: ‘Wash the car daily’.

The second example is: ‘Distribute minutes of meetings within a week after the meeting’.

Skills Assessments are generally conducted once at the beginning of the year and are used to structure individual development plans. The training and development plan for the organisation builds on these individual plans. Skills assessments are implemented to determine the competency level of an employee by assigning one of the following achievement levels:

  • Not Yet Competent to fulfill a duty because of a certain attitude. (We will discuss this in a later post)
  • Not Yet Competent to fulfill a duty because of a lack of a certain skill.
  • Competent to fulfill a duty.
  • Excels in the fulfillment of a duty.

Performance Assessments should be conducted numerous times per year and as required by the individual needs of the organisation. Performance assessments help to determine an employee’s level of performance of each duty. The following performance-level sets are available:

  • 3 performance levels (Not good / Good / Great)
  • 5 performance levels (Not acceptable / Below average / Satisfactory / Good / Outstanding)
  • 7 performance levels (Very Poor / Poor / Minimum Acceptable / Acceptable / Ideal / Good / Excellent)